J.P. Morgan — January 2014 Global Trade Newsletter
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Management Insights
Mobile Revolution Has Arrived
Mobile technology is set to transform day-to-day management of trade finance, payments, collections and treasury activities.
Corridors of Power: U.S. Opportunities in MENA
Deciphering the trade finance outlook between the MENA region and United States after years of political and economic transition
Working with ECAs to Fuel Exports
Export finance has surged over the past few years due to Export Credit Agencies (ECA) offering long-term liquidity at competitive prices. Lillian Labbat elaborates.
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Around the World
WTO Releases Trade and Tariff Data
Mexico Tax Reform Affects Cross-border Trade
RMB Becomes Second Leading Trade Finance Currency
EU and Canada Outline Free Trade Agreement
Singapore Deputy Prime Minister Applauds Supply Chain Finance
Import Duty Exemptions for Shanghai Free Trade Zone
Economic Update
Global Data Watch
•  Strong global growth momentum at start of 2014 with jumps in retail, automotive and capital expenditures
•  Euro area rising, France lagging
•  Japan booming ahead of tax hike
Egypt’s referendum is a step toward stability
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  Unveiling the differences between traditional trade finance instruments – Letter of Credit, Bank Payment Obligation and Open Account.
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