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July 2014 | Trade Finance: Opportunities in Asia
Global Trade News
We are pleased to unveil our new streamlined newsletter. This issue focuses on opportunities in Asia. Contact us to provide feedback on our new look or to further discuss trade finance.
ASEAN Growth Opportunities Abound
With a population of 600 million, rising purchasing power among the middle class, and a relatively young demographic, growth and investment opportunities in ASEAN are increasingly attractive. The region now receives more foreign direct investment than China, and is expected to become the fourth-largest market by 2030, trailing only the E.U., U.S., and China. J.P. Morgan sees country integration, which is underway, supporting ASEAN economic growth.
Asian Corporations Make Waves In M&A
Once a focus for foreign direct investment, outbound investments from Asia are increasing as corporations in these emerging markets play an expanding role in the global M&A market. "Asian corporations are at the cusp of transformation," says J.P. Morgan. The companies tend to have more cash than their U.S. and European counterparts, which is facilitating the trend.