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Management Insights
Grasping the Golden Ring
Asia contains more than half of the earth's population. What is the projected impact to trade?
World Cup — The Beautiful Game
The economics of football are anticipated to yield industry-boosting benefits to Brazil.
Supply Chain Finance in the UK
The UK government actively supports supply chain finance as a liquidity tool for suppliers. Jeremy Shaw explains.
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SAFE — China's Foreign Exchange Administration Policy Express
Everything you need to know about China's foreign exchange reforms for service trade can be found in this policy overview that highlights key changes.
Around the World
IMF reports shifting of global growth patterns
Euro Banking Assn. releases supply chain finance survey
Free trade zone opens in Shanghai
BAFT-IFSA responds to Basel III
Europe's financial transaction tax challenged
Global Data Watch
•  Global growth picking up but 2013 inflation set to slide to near its lowest level
•  Manufacturing accelerating, with Asian surveys showing the strongest gains
•  Latin fiscal policy turning more activist at cost of larger deficits
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