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Management Insights
How Real is Reshoring?
Offshore manufacturing is no longer paying the "once promised" dividends of less expensive production. Discover why companies such as Apple, General Electric and Whirlpool are returning manufacturing of some product lines to regions closer to home.
Supply Chain Electronic Settlement — Trade Finance Alternative
Find out what our experts have to say about Supply Chain Electronic Settlement — an alternative trade finance instrument that is generating buzz in the industry.
Trans-Pacific Partnership Outlook and Impact
There's lots of talk about the TPP but what benefits will it really bring to Pacific Rim nations? Read our market update for an overview of the agreement and projected impacts to regional commerce.
Around the World
SWIFT Announces KYC Registry
China Monitoring Foreign Currency Use in Trade Finance
South-South Trade Continues to Climb
U.S. Ex-Im Bank Breaks Financing Records in 2013
WTO Agrees on a Global Customs Plan
Economic Update
Global Data Watch
•  Global growth firming into the end of the quarter
•  Inflation approaching new lows, led by a dive in emerging markets
•  Financial stability concerns are growing among central banks
•  Japanese economy surging ahead of next week's consumption tax rate hike
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Supply Chain Finance Video

  Check out the multiregional and multicurrency supply chain finance programs to support your suppliers' liquidity needs.
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